National Poetry Month: Spaces In Wrong Places

What I especially love about poetry is that it doesn’t have to be so damn serious. I love that poets can mess around with the form and function of what a poem is supposed to be.

“Spaces In Wrong Places” is a great example. It’s by Macaulay Culkin, yes of Home Alone fame. It’s not the best poem. It’s not going to win any awards but I’m still in love with its cleverness.

“Spaces In Wrong Places” — Macaulay Culkin

Igo tsp ace s inw rong pla cesl ike a bo ywi thn o bra ces,lik e a crow d w it hn ofac es, l ik e ac op wi th no c a s es.
I g tspac es inwron g p l aceslik ea ca rwi t hn orace s, li k e aba llw ith nob ase s, l ik e a d eck wit h n o ac es.
Ig ot sp a ce s inwro ngp la ces lik e a mov i ewi th n och as es, likea me al wi thno g ra ces, l ik e a flow er w it hn ov as e s.
I g o tspac es inwrongpl a c esl ike a p honewithn o trac es, lik e a sh o ewith nol aces, a n d aprea cher w ithn o pr ais es.
I go tsp a c esi n wr ong p l ac es.


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