A Trip To Avenue Q

It’s nearing the end of March but I feel like the weather is getting cooler instead of warmer. The calendar in Michigan might say it’s spring but the freezing rain and wintery mix serves as a reminder that Mother Nature does whatever she wants.

I’ve had another enjoyable day. I did some spiritual/ritual work a few days ago and I can feel it working. My spirit had felt split but I’m beginning to feel like a semblance of my old self. I’ve been spring cleaning and purifying myself and my space so that has helped.

I can’t speak for others but one of my favorite things to do is track shipments. I had a shipment, a care package, arriving from Spoon University and Chef’d and I kept tracking it to see where it was while in route. I’m glad I stayed home during the day because the front porch was drenched and the box and the goodies inside would have been soaked.

I did have to eventually leave because I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks now. I went and saw Avenue Q.

Avenue Q was everything I expected and more. I have “Purpose” and “If You Were Gay” on my everyday playlist but I’d forgotten how great the rest of the songs are. The show was so relevant to my current life and my experiences. I always find a trip to the theatre to be a little cathartic and Avenue Q was no different.

I walked away with hope. Hope is something I haven’t felt in a long time. I had two instances in two days which forced me to look back on my past and evaluate my present. I was offered my old job back (I can’t take it because it interferes with school) and I ran into an old co-worker from that job while at Avenue Q. Both instances reminded me that I have come so far in my personal growth. Avenue Q reminded me that everything in life is only “For Now.” It’s what I needed to hear.


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