New Moon

Tonight is the new moon. It’s the start of a new lunar cycle. The new moon is all about beginnings. It’s Monday, the start of a new week. We have two choices before us. We can bitch and moan about how much Mondays suck OR we can take this time to set a new intent and use Monday to plot out and set our course for the week.
The new moon is a great time to do self-inventory. Ask yourself the honest questions. What is working in my life? Embrace that. What isn’t working in my life? Change that. Remember that YOU and no one else is in charge of your life. You make your choices and you can decide to make a new choice. There are few things that are really so far gone that you can’t make a change. Look at the path you’re on. Is it the right one for you? Is it time to take another road? Maybe it’s time to turn back and try the other direction. The new moon is the time we embrace new thoughts, new decisions, new ways. Perhaps you’re happy with the status quo and where you are in terms of your life journey. Good for you. But, if you’re not, then love yourself enough to make a change. Today is as good a day as any.


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