World Theatre Day

“If there is any God in this world, He lives in a theatre” — Kathe Koja, Under The Poppy

I learned that March 27th is considered World Theatre Day. I don’t know why I’m surprised that there’s a day dedicated to the theatre when there’s a day dedicated to π but I’m super stoked that it exists.

I’m blessed that I live in an area that has a great number of production companies and playhouses that stage a variety of things. Because of Detroit theatre I’ve drunk at a cabaret in Nazi Germany, gone down the rabbit hole, fought alongside the barricades, visited a Victorian era brothel, sat down at crazy family dinners, cried over lost Southern Baptist Sissies, chased a phantom through an opera house, lived in NYC during the AIDS epidemic, auditioned for a chorus line, wondered what if, sat around the campfire trying to remember a Simpsons episode, was a female homeless veteran, carried the banner, wondered how I was going to pay last year’s rent and so much more.

So happy world theatre day. Support the arts. Catch a show and lose yourself in the magic and mystery of the theatre.


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