Hello Spring

Good morning. Today is the first day of spring. Hello, Spring.

The arrival of spring heralds many things. The weather will get warmer. The birds are returning so soon I’ll be awoken by their song. The April rain will begin and that rain will help the budding trees and flowers grow. After the barrenness of winter, spring is all about blossoming and beginning.

Our Monday can be about the same thing. Instead of looking at the day ahead with dread, look at it as a time of beginning. It’s the first Monday of spring. Set your intention for the day and the season. Remember that attitude is everything. Shake off the gloominess that winter holds and allow the light to enter in. Open the blinds, the curtains and let the sunshine in. Bath in that light and understand that anything can happen.

For me, spring is going to provide the motivation to seek help for my mental health. I have wrestled with depression for far too long. Shakespeare wrote about “the winter of discontent”. My discontent has occupied not only this winter but the last several winters and springs and summers and autumns. I am discontent about being constantly discontent so it’s time for a change. 

Spring ushers in the season of renewal. The seeds that have been at rest start to work their magick and miracles happen. I’m allowing the spirit of God, the Universe, the Divine Wow, the Powers That Be, whatever you call that mystical source that binds us all, humanity and nature, to work within me so I can free myself from depression, free myself from Brafly, and become a productive member of society. I often joke that I go into hibernation during the winter and partly that’s true but I’ve truly been in a deep static space. It’s time to wake the fuck up, get the blood flowing and live.


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