Two Cents: Shake Shack

I’ve heard so much about Shake Shack and I was super stoked to hear they were going to open a Detroit location. The remodel of the location near Campus Martius took forever. The signage went up in January but they didn’t officially open until February.

I usually wait a while to try a new restaurant because I want to give the owners/managers enough time to work out any flaws. I was trying to grab a meal before I went to the theater and I was a little worried I’d be late because the line was long. I shouldn’t have feared on that front because the Shake Shack employees were on top of their game.

What I should have been worried about was the cost. It fucking cost me $17.31 for the BBQ Chick’n Shack, some cheese fries and a strawberry milkshake. I’d naturally assume that whipped cream and a cherry on top was de rigueur if I’m talking milkshake. With the various food allergy restrictions these days I wasn’t surprised that I was asked if I wanted whipped cream. But I was surprised to see I was charged extra for whipped cream. WTF!?

My friend, Goldie, tried to warn me. He told me that Shake Shack was overpriced and overhyped. I should have listened but it makes me sad and angry. If it cost me almost $18 to eat there then imagine how much it would cost a family of four. I’d go back but it would be as a treat. I couldn’t afford to eat there on a regular basis.


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