A Night At The Theater

I try hard to support and attend as much local theater as I can but it’s sometimes difficult due to timing and financial reasons. I was injured the first six weeks or so of this year so I missed a lot of great theater. This week I had some free time so I decided to catch a show. 

There were three I had my eye on but my wallet could only let me watch one. The Billie Holiday show at Stagecrafters was out of my budget after this past weekend. Dinner and shots with Keaton on Wednesday followed by Nana’s birthday celebration blew a hole in the budget. I’m not complaining because I was in need of both outings but it’s limited what I can do this week. As much as I wanted to see Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill, I couldn’t justify spending the $23. I still haven’t visited Slipstream’s new space but I wasn’t up for, and really didn’t have the time, to hunt for it. That left me with the Ringwald and their production of Hand To God.

I really appreciate the Ringwald. This is their tenth season but it seems only yesterday I saw the very first performance of The Normal Heart in the basement of a church. Then there was the production of the Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom at a coffee house in Ferndale. This was when the troupe was called Who Wants Cake? and this was long before the move to the Ringwald.

I appreciate the Ringwald because they mount productions of shows that I never thought I’d be able to see. I’ve been able to see Southern Baptist Sissies and The Boys In The Band and August: Osage County and so many more. The show tonight is one that I never thought would play in Detroit so I knew I needed to make time for it. Detroit seems to host either a lot of musicals or a lot of classic traditional plays. I know that, at the Ringwald, I’ll be able to find more Off-Broadway shows.


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