Time Marches On

I can hardly believe that it’s almost April. When I was a child, time seemed so slow. It was so long until the end of the school day. The weeks between Labor Day and Thanksgiving were insurmountable. The time between Christmas break and summer seemed endless. And summer fun seemed to go on forever until Labor Day rolled around and it was back to school.

Now time seems to move much more quickly. I sometimes want to pause so I can catch my breath. The days fly by and blur into each other. I remember ringing in the New Year. Now I’m seeing March go out like a lamb.

I’ve been looking at the etymology of various words and their different meanings. March gets its name from the Roman god of war, Mars, and it is defined as “to walk somewhere quickly and in a determined, confident, or angry way.”

I can understand now why it’s said time marches on. Time is determined to get to the next place. I, on the other hand, have been stuck marching in place. The arrival of Spring and of April has me determined to break out of my rank and take the next step, the first step on my next journey. As Lao Tzu is quoted, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


A Trip To Avenue Q

It’s nearing the end of March but I feel like the weather is getting cooler instead of warmer. The calendar in Michigan might say it’s spring but the freezing rain and wintery mix serves as a reminder that Mother Nature does whatever she wants.

I’ve had another enjoyable day. I did some spiritual/ritual work a few days ago and I can feel it working. My spirit had felt split but I’m beginning to feel like a semblance of my old self. I’ve been spring cleaning and purifying myself and my space so that has helped.

I can’t speak for others but one of my favorite things to do is track shipments. I had a shipment, a care package, arriving from Spoon University and Chef’d and I kept tracking it to see where it was while in route. I’m glad I stayed home during the day because the front porch was drenched and the box and the goodies inside would have been soaked.

I did have to eventually leave because I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks now. I went and saw Avenue Q.

Avenue Q was everything I expected and more. I have “Purpose” and “If You Were Gay” on my everyday playlist but I’d forgotten how great the rest of the songs are. The show was so relevant to my current life and my experiences. I always find a trip to the theatre to be a little cathartic and Avenue Q was no different.

I walked away with hope. Hope is something I haven’t felt in a long time. I had two instances in two days which forced me to look back on my past and evaluate my present. I was offered my old job back (I can’t take it because it interferes with school) and I ran into an old co-worker from that job while at Avenue Q. Both instances reminded me that I have come so far in my personal growth. Avenue Q reminded me that everything in life is only “For Now.” It’s what I needed to hear.

Book Club Bust

After ten odd years, we’ve finally reached a point where my book club met but only one person actually finished reading the book. It was a book club bust.

This month we attempted to read The House Of The Spirits by Isabel Allende. It’s a magical realism book and by all descriptions it should be a book I could get into. Unfortunately, I found The House Of The Spirits to be uninspiring. The book is what my mom would call “slow and draggy”. Each time I tried to read it I was bored to tears. I usually try to finish the book club selection but this time I wasn’t able to finish. I even tried the audio version and I couldn’t get into it. At least I wasn’t the only one. The only person of the nine of us gathered that finished was Donna. She really loved it and she’s convinced me not to totally give up on the book.

While I didn’t read the book club selection, I did read other books. My connection group finally finished reading The Book Of Forgiving by Desmond and Mpho Tutu. It’s one of those books that will stick with me.

Mainly I’ve been reading graphic novels. They count towards my reading goal and they’re light reading but substantial reading. The Wicked + The Divine is a series about gods and goddesses reincarnated every ninety years. The Fade Out was a crime noir book set in Hollywood during the McCarthy era. Paper Girls is a great series that heavily reminds me of Netflix’s Stranger Things

I’ve also read some plays. Picasso At The Lapin Agile about an imaginary meeting between Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso and Between Riverside And Crazy which was set in NYC and was about lots of different issues.

I might not have been able to finish The House Of The Spirits but at least I read a few books in March.

World Theatre Day

“If there is any God in this world, He lives in a theatre” — Kathe Koja, Under The Poppy

I learned that March 27th is considered World Theatre Day. I don’t know why I’m surprised that there’s a day dedicated to the theatre when there’s a day dedicated to π but I’m super stoked that it exists.

I’m blessed that I live in an area that has a great number of production companies and playhouses that stage a variety of things. Because of Detroit theatre I’ve drunk at a cabaret in Nazi Germany, gone down the rabbit hole, fought alongside the barricades, visited a Victorian era brothel, sat down at crazy family dinners, cried over lost Southern Baptist Sissies, chased a phantom through an opera house, lived in NYC during the AIDS epidemic, auditioned for a chorus line, wondered what if, sat around the campfire trying to remember a Simpsons episode, was a female homeless veteran, carried the banner, wondered how I was going to pay last year’s rent and so much more.

So happy world theatre day. Support the arts. Catch a show and lose yourself in the magic and mystery of the theatre.

New Moon

Tonight is the new moon. It’s the start of a new lunar cycle. The new moon is all about beginnings. It’s Monday, the start of a new week. We have two choices before us. We can bitch and moan about how much Mondays suck OR we can take this time to set a new intent and use Monday to plot out and set our course for the week.
The new moon is a great time to do self-inventory. Ask yourself the honest questions. What is working in my life? Embrace that. What isn’t working in my life? Change that. Remember that YOU and no one else is in charge of your life. You make your choices and you can decide to make a new choice. There are few things that are really so far gone that you can’t make a change. Look at the path you’re on. Is it the right one for you? Is it time to take another road? Maybe it’s time to turn back and try the other direction. The new moon is the time we embrace new thoughts, new decisions, new ways. Perhaps you’re happy with the status quo and where you are in terms of your life journey. Good for you. But, if you’re not, then love yourself enough to make a change. Today is as good a day as any.

An Almost Perfect Day

It’s been a long day. I was able to talk to my dad recently so I’m feeling much better about his hospital stay.

I woke up this morning with a plan. Despite the rainy weather, I went down to the Cass Corridor to participate in the Marche du Nain Rouge. It’s sorta like Detroit’s version of Mardi Gras. Legend has it that the Nain Rouge was first spotted when attacked Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac settled the area the area that would become Detroit and the Nain Rouge has been responsible for every calamity that Detroit has seen in its 315 year history.

After the parade I headed down the street to Motor City casino for the LGBT wedding expo. Why did I go you might wonder? After all I’m not dating anyone and am so far away from getting married. Well, I was allured by the promise of free food. And that promise was true. Every other vendor had cake samples or chocolate samples or candy samples. And I arrived right at the moment the underwear fashion show was happening. Bonus!

After the expo, I was abducted by my friends, Dennis and Michael. I haven’t seen them them since before my hibernation so it was good to hang out. They took me to the pagan temple that them and Emma and Suzi have becomes involved with. I don’t know how involved I’ll get. They’ve had some classes that I’ve been interested in but they always fall on days I can’t attend. But, I have to say I enjoyed the meeting. It was on self-care. And I enjoyed Green Lantern afterwards.

I’ve had a really great day, from waking up to now about to go to bed. I wish all days were like today.

Two Cents: Stressed Out Edition

My dad has been in the hospital and I’m been stressed out. I find solace in movies so here’s what I’ve been watching lately.

Avatar: I’m not a James Cameron fan so Avatar escaped my attention. But it’s a movie that keeps coming up in all areas of my life. My film professor mentioned it. My international politics professor mentioned it. My comparative religions professor mentioned it. It comes up in a discussion of social justice. I can understand why. Avatar is a luminous film that relates so well to the modern world. If you haven’t seen Avatar I suggest you go rent it.

Suicide Squad: This was one of the big comic book movies of last summer. I agree with everyone else that Jared Leto’s Joker was underused. But I really enjoyed the camaraderie between the Suicide Squad members but I wish there had been a better villain to interact with the DC rouges gallery. And I really enjoyed the eye candy of Joel Kinnaman and Jay Hernandez.

Florence Foster Jenkins: This wouldn’t be a film I’d typically watch but it was pretty enjoying. I don’t think that Meryl Streep can make a misstep at this point of her career and it’s always great to see Hugh Grant on screen.

All About Eve: This is a cinema classic starring the legendary Bette Davis and it includes the famous “fasten your seatbelts” quote. All About Eve is an epic film about fame. It’s a must watch.

Kill Your Darlings: I won a copy of the Blu-ray edition years ago and it has sat on my desk ever since. I’m doing a little spring cleaning, a little downsizing so I decided to finally open it and watch. Kill Your Darlings is a true story of a murder involving members of the Beat Generation including Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs. I had never heard of this event so I found the film fascinating. And to see Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself, having gay sex was a treat.

The Adjustment Bureau: This was a thought provoking movie about freewill and chance. I really don’t know how to describe it.

Dancer: A remarkable documentary about ballet dancer Sergei Polunin.

Along with movies I’ve been binge watching TV.

Homeland, season 1: Great premise of what would happen if an American Pie had been turned and released by the enemy to become a sleeper agent. It’s intense. 

Code Geass, season 2: I watched the first season of Code Geass in anime club when I was at Macomb. That season ended on a cliffhanger so I’ve been meaning to watch for almost a year. The basic premise is that there’s this guy named Lelouche and he’s the emperor’s son. His mother dies and Lelouche vows to seek revenge for her death. He has the power of Geass which allows him to mind control a person by looking them in the eye. Using his Geass power he dons a secret identity, Zero, in order to seek the aforementioned revenge.