DVD Binge

I had a pile of DVD’s that I needed to watch so I went on a little binge. Here’s what I watched.

Closet Monster. This is an LGBT film that had huge buzz at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. It stars the really cute Connor Jessup as a young man questioning his sexuality while flirting with a hot co-worker, the gorgeous Aliocha Schneider, and trying to win a coveted scholarship to a school in New York City. The trailer to the film makes it look darker than it really is and totally ignores the fun fact that Isabella Rossellini is the voice of a hamster. Closet Monster surprised me.

Retake. This was another LGBT film that was heartbreaking. It’s about a guy, played by Tuc Watkins, who hires an escort in an attempt to change the past. It sorta reminded me of Pretty Woman.

Masterminds. A comedy based on a true story of a bank heist. Despite the fact the cast is filled with funny people, I thought the film wasn’t that funny. 

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. I loved this film. It juxtaposes the horror of war with the spectacle of football as an army unit honored for bravery participates in a Thanksgiving game halftime show. 

An Act Of Love. A great documentary about a Methodist minister put on church trial after performing his son’s same sex wedding. 


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