The Universal Language

The Grammy Awards are on tonight. These days I’m busy converting and moving songs from various flash drives and folders to one central location so I haven’t tuned into radio for a while. I’m impressed I recognize most of the nominees.

I used to get bent out of shape over award shows and the winner/losers. Then I learned the difference between objective and subjective. Most award shows are subjective to the tastes and whims of the various academy voters. “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” winning the Academy Award for Best Song over “Traveling Through” by Dolly Parton doesn’t take away from how I feel when I hear Dolly sing.

I watch award shows for two reasons. First I watch (am watching as I write this) because it gives struggling artists hope. 21 Pilots just won for “Stressed Out” and accepted the award pantless because when they were just starting out they were watching the Grammys in their underwear and the two guys that make up 21 Pilots turned to each other and said if they ever won a Grammy they should accept it like they were right now, in their underwear. 21 Pilots were watching the Grammys and dreamed about winning and I know there’s some kid out in the middle of nowhere looking at 21 Pilots or Anderson.Paak, homeless while recording their album, or Chance the Rapper, who doesn’t even have a traditional record deal, and that kid is thinking if they can make it to the Grammy stage then I can make it to the Grammy stage.

The other reason I watch is because the Grammys represent how music truly is the universal language. Whether it’s told through three chords or beatbox or an acapella voice, the stories of love and heartache, tragedy and triumph, sadness and joy resonate whether you live in the city or country, the United States or a foreign land. Music is humanity and I love when James Corden leads the auditorium in a sing along to Neil Diamonds “Sweet Caroline” everyone can sing along to the chorus. When Bruno Mars sings Prince we can all sing along. When Demi Levato sings the Bee Gees we all sing along. Music is in the soul and music survives even in the darkest of times.


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