I haven’t felt like myself lately. Between the lingering crud caused by living in Michigan in the dead months of winter, two fucked up ankles that have kept me slightly immobile,  a precarious financial situation due to a lingering unemployment situation, anxiety and stress over the Trump Regime, and a general unwell mental state, I’ve been a shadow of myself.

I usually go into some sort of hibernation after New Year’s Day. I live in the metropolitan Detroit area. January, February, March and even sometimes up into April it’s cold and dreary and there’s little sight of the sun. This year the hibernation has been fiercer than usually. All I want to do is sleep. The thing is I’ve not been able to sleep. My mind won’t stop turning and twirling when I close my eyes so I wind up staying up at all hours reading, listening to music and reading old journals that I’ve recently found. I had about 4 hours of sleep last night before I woke up at 6 this morning to ensure I would make it to class on time.

Despite dropping my Saturday morning Slurpee on the sidewalk and having an exam and dealing with inconsiderate people at the bus stop I’m feeling good. A little over a month after injuring myself and retreating from the world I feel like it’s time to return to the world.


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