Mind Over Matter

This morning I woke up determined that I wasn’t going to let my ankle get the best of me. It’s been a journey of pain and frustration this month that has sidetracked me from achieving or even starting my 2017 goals. No more.

The mind is the strongest organ in the body. The mind sends messages to every other organ in the body, every nerve ending. What happens if we change our way of thinking? 

We often tell ourselves negative things. I can’t do this because of that. We make excuses. I’ve been telling myself I can’t work my ankle because it hurts but then I was reminded that we’re weightless in water. I filled up my bathtub and flexed the hell out of my ankle.

What hapens if we stop making excuses? What happens if we start telling ourselves positive, encouraging things. It’s Monday and it’s the start of another week. Instead of moaning and groaning tell yourself that this Monday is going to be marvelous. 

It’s been a long weekend. Get out of the rut. It’s a beautiful but rainy day here in Michigan. I called my mom because it’s her birthday and it’s raining in Virginia as well. No matter. Grab an umbrella and go for a walk. Walk around the block. Get the blood flowing. If you work in an office building take the stairs. If you take public transportation then get off the stop before your normal stop and walk it. 

Try a new food. Stop telling yourself that it’s going to taste awful. I hated the thought of kale but my church mama convinced (forced) me to eat some and it was delicious. Try new things.

Talk to a stranger. Stop telling yourself that you have nothing in common with your co-workers, classmates, neighbors. Be open to the possibility.

I recognize the importance of saying no. Saying no is important when doing self care. But say yes every once and again. Say yes to karaoke. Say yes to that group invite to go bowling. Say yes to those things that scare you. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Remember that everything comes down to mind over matter.


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