The Tortoise & The Hare

We’re 15 days into the new year. I haven’t even started on my goals for 2017. I caught a virus over the holidays, a virus I’ll affectionately refer to as the crud because of how cruddy it made me feel. The crud reared its ugly head at the first of the year and had me out of commission the first week.

Last Saturday I attended Tessa’s (my great niece) birthday party. Somehow in the time it took to get from where I stay to the Meijer near Jon and Stasi’s house I had crilled my right ankle. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve crilled this particular ankle but this is the first time it has taken more than a few days to heal. I went to the doctor about it on Thursday but left with unsatisfactory answers to the questions I had. Yesterday made an official week and this morning I still could barely put my full weight on my ankle. I’ve been in pain most of the day and frustrated would be an understatement of how I’m feeling about my ankle still being swollen. Despite my best efforts and an unhelpful doctor visit I’m still limping.

I’ve beat myself up all week. I’m always wanting things done on my schedule and the Universe usually steps in to remind me I’m on a divine schedule. I thought I’d enter 2017 with guns blazing ready to kick ass and take names. All my plans were tossed when I could barely breath from the chest congestion. The only ass kicked was my own and any attempt to kick someone else’s ass would be a comical sight.

I’ve been down but then I started to think about Aesop’s Fables and the story about the tortoise and the hare. Now, for those unfamiliar with the story, I will tell it here.

“The hare was bragging about about how fast he was and making fun of the tortoise one day for being so slow. “Do you ever get anywhere?” the hare asked with a laugh. “I do” replied the tortoise “and I get there sooner than you think. I will race you to prove it.”

The hare thought it was hilarious that the tortoise wanted to race. For pure amusement factor, the hare agreed to race the tortoise. Owl was asked to judge so Owl marked off the distance and the runners set off on the race.

The hare quickly bounded out of sight while the tortoise took sure and steady steps. The hare, knowing that he would win, decided to grant favor to the tortoise so the hare decided to take a name while he waited for tortoise to catch up.

The tortoise, slow and steadfast, soon made his way to where the hare was snoozing. The tortoise passed the place and left the hare sleeping in the sun. When the hare woke up he saw that tortoise was almost to the finish line. The hare ran his fastest but it was too late as tortoise crossed the finish line.

Moral of the story: slow and steady wins the race

I had to remind myself of this story. 2017 might be the hare and it might have a two week headstart on me but I’m the tortoise and I’ll be crossing the finish line on December 31st. I had to remind myself that we all have our separate triumphs and tribulations. We all run our own race. I’m not in competition with anyone so I’m not going to compare myself with others and chide myself because I’m not where someone else is at. The crud and a crilled ankle might have caused me to stumble outside the starting gate but I remind myself that slow and steady wins the race.


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