Endings & Beginnings

I’ve had the intent to start a new online journal for a while. Truth be told, I made a half hearted attempt around September but the timing wasn’t right. I was battling a few personal issues and I didn’t give my journal the attention it needed.

And, truth be told, I started it on a weekday knowing that I’m a guy who likes order and symmetry, clarity over chaos. Today, is the first day of the year and the first day of the week. I couldn’t start at a better time.

Now, in previous incarnations of this journal, I would have looked back and reviewed the previous year. I’m not going to attempt that this time. “Last year’s words belong to last year’s language.” 2016 is done. Let me turn my attention towards 2017.

I find it practically perfection that 2017, in terms of numerology, is considered a beginning year while 2016 was an ending year. In my own life things came to a close and I look forward to the triumphs and even the trials that 2017 will bring.

Looking ahead I really haven’t made any resolutions. I have decided to focus on an overall theme and a few action words. This year the arching theme of 2017 is that this is my butterfly year. I’ve been a caterpillar, unsure of who I was and unsure of what my purpose was. I formed a cocoon as I took classes, formed community and found my voice. Now it’s time to break free from my cocoon, spread my wings and see where they’ll take me.

As I do all this there are two action words I’ll focus on: meaningful and mindful. I want to be mindful of my thoughts and actions as I strive to have a meaningful life.

Happy New Year luvelies!

Be luv…Bradley


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